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Welcome to the MODDINGSTORM store page. Below you will find mods of all shapes and size, props, animations, costumes and maybe even face morphs.

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Space SoldiersSpace Soldier

Suit up your Male and Female actors in Scifi armour!

Roman BundleThe Roman Bundle

All of the new Roman packs in one place, and better still, they're discounted!

Roman ChariotsRoman Chariots

A pair of handsome Roman Chariots to race. With spinning wheels!

TogasRoman Prop People

Low Poly, animated prop versions of the roman soldiers to enable huge armies on screen at once!

Roman DecorRoman Decor

Various mosaics, blocks and plaques to help decorate your new Roman scenes.

TogasRoman Togas

Toga costumes for Male and Female actors.

Roman Soldier OutfitsRoman Soldier Outfits

New Roman Soldier and General costumes for male actors.

Speech posesSpeech Poses

Lots of new animation poses for public speakers or stage actors.

Simple Hair MorphSimple Hair Morph

Simple hair styles with dozens/hundreds/thousands of variations

iPad/TabletVertically held iPad/Tablet

An upright variation of the iPad/Tablet prop

Free Bindis14 Free Bindis

14 Free Bindis for female actors

Astronaut ClothingMale and Female Astronaut outfits

New costumes for Male and Female spacemen!

Male Athletic ClothingMale Athletic Clothing

9 new Male costumes for all sporting activity!

Female Athletic ClothingFemale Athletic Clothing

13 new female costumes for all sporting activity!

Kung Fu ClothingKung Fu Clothing

6 new costumes for male and female actors - includes Ninjas!

1930s Female Clothing1930s Female Clothing

3 new female costumes with dozens of texture variants!

Free 2000AD Judge addonFree 2000AD Judge pack

A Free costume converted from an old Unreal Tournament mod I made 12 years ago!

1AD Extra addon1 AD Extra

More costumes and buildings for your Middle Eastern epics

Medieval Movie CollectionMedieval Movie Collection

All the Medieval packs at a discount price!

Medieval Hair addonMedieval Hair

11 new medieval hairstyles for castle dwellers

Retro SciFi 1 addonRetro Scifi 1

Get your rocket pack on and thump some bug people!

Dr Who addonDr Who

Free Dr Who pack, make your own classic episodes!

Z-Studios Eyes addonZ-Studios Eyes

A guest pack! Z-Studios Free eye texture pack for the original heads

Z-Studios Music addonZ-Studios Music

Another guest pack! Z-Studios fantastic free music pack

Haz-Mat addonHaz-Mat

Don your protective suit and go toxic goo monster hunting!

Blown About addonBlown About

Blow up, knock down and shake about animations for all your actor abusing needs!

Medieval Females addonMedieval Females

8 new morphable dresses for the middle ages, Perfect for wandering castles in!

Free Snowman addonFree Snowman

Add Frostie to your snowy scenes with this free actor pack

Beards addonBeards

Add some heavy face fur to your manly actors with this beard geometry morph pack!

Bound and Gagged addonBound and Gagged

Tie your actors up, down and to chairs, with this hostage holding pack

Superheroes01 addonSuperheroes 01

Loads of Spandex outfits and even more action moves for your classic superhero movies!

Eyemotions addonEye Motions

Take full control of your actors eyes for more emotional film making.

HeadGear addonHead Gear 01 and 02

Dozens of new accessories for your actors, from glasses to funny hats to arrows through the head!

free Stitches addonStitches

A free set Frankenstein style stitches for Male and Female actors (1 neck and 3 face stitches).

castle addonCastle Builder

Create your own castle set with snap together wall sections and battlements you can walk on.

horses addonHorses 01

Get your actors up and riding on this set of 6 horse props and accompanying animations.

Medieval Males addonMedieval Males

A set of 8 Peasant costumes with morphs and texture variants.

free goldfish addonGoldfish Bowl

A free set dressing of a goldfish or two swimming round and round in their bowl.

jumps and falls addon modJumps and Falls

An animation pack containing gymnastic and painful looking moves for your actors and actresses.

facewounds addonFacewounds

A decal pack of 25 new textures to apply to your actors faces.

4ColourRoom addon4ColourRoom

A 4 room set with baked in lighting and nav meshes.

Flatfolk addonFlatFolk

New paper like characters for less realistic movies!

Ashtray addonAshtray

Another free prop for you to dress your scene with.

Cthulhu addonCthulhu

A giant sea monster/god, loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's creation.

Computers addonComputers 01

Desktop PC and Laptop models and animations.

Bees and Flies addonBees and Flies

A small pack of free insects for your films!


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Recent Mods

Space SoldiersSpace Soldier

Scifi armour for Male and Female actors.

Roman BundleLoads of Roman stuff!

5 new packs of Roman outfits and props.

Speech PosesSpeech Poses

25 new gestures for public speakers

Simple HairMorphSimple Hair Morph

Dozens of new hair shapes.


Vertically held Tablet.

Free BindisFree Bindis

A free selection of Bindis